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Chi Psi Board Members

The Board of Directors for the Chi Psi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau are:

  • Janene Jeffery, MSN, RN:  President
  • Marylyn Kajs-Wyllie, MSN, RN:  Vice President
  • Wendy Lowry, MSN, RN:  Secretary
  • TBA:  Treasurer
  • Beth Biggan, MSN, RN:  Counselor
  • Beth Biggan, MSN, RN:  Membership Committee Chair
  • Gay Rowe, MSN, RN:  Leadership Succession Chair
  • Marcia Poole, PhD, RN:  Governance Committee Chair
  • Mary Kay Tully, BSN, RN:  Publicist
  • Erica Parsons, BSN, RN:  Ambassador