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Professional References Instructions

Submit two professional references.  

One from college or university instructor or professor and the second reference from a work or volunteer experience.

First:  Academic


  • A college or university instructor or professor from a course taken within the past 2 years or after 2017

Not acceptable

  • K-12 teacher, principal and administrator
  • A course taken before 2017
  • Advisor

Second:  Work or volunteer experience


  • A current or former (within the past two years) supervisor
  • A current or former (within the past two years) employer

Not acceptable

  • A peer or co-worker
  • A work or volunteer experience that ended more than two years ago

Professional Reference Form (See School of Nursing Application Forms)

  • Applicant must complete the top section of each Reference Form. 

  • Forward the form to each of the two references.

  • Each reference is to complete all three sections of the Reference Form, place the completed form in a sealed envelope with their signature along the seal and return the envelope to the applicant.

  • Two (2) completed reference forms (in sealed and signed envelopes) must be included in the application packet.

Please do not include more than two references in your application packet.