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Center for Nursing Inquiry

In pursuing excellence in nursing education, research, and practice, the faculty and staff at St. David’s School of Nursing (SON) are guided by 11 shared values. Four of those shared ideals have inspired faculty and staff to enrich their nurse educator toolkits and portfolios by directing evidence-based teaching/learning, assessment, and evaluation projects. Those motivating principles are:

  • A holistic approach to nursing education across the continuum of health and the lifespan.
  • Research, scholarship, and creative activity as a source for evidence-based practice, generation of new knowledge, and an expression of the human spirit.
  • Thoughtful reflection, collaboration, planning, and evaluation of diverse and changing healthcare needs, practices, and resources.
  • Interprofessional activity facilitating the advancement of science and positive patient outcomes.

Execution of these values are confirmed annually within our annual performance evaluation process and demonstrate the SON’s “Nursing Scholarship Rising Stars.” Both tenure and non-tenure track faculty are evaluated on a demonstration of their scholarship activities, which includes scholarly projects, research protocols, presentations, and publications. The SON values, mission, vision, and outcomes are embodied in the research perspective of Texas State University. the College of Health Professions (CHP), and the SON faculty’s nursing scholarship and striving for academic and clinical nurse educator excellence. We as faculty have a “passion for hands-on academic learning and research.” 

Center for Nursing Inquiry

The quest for educational science is driven by the strategic plans of the University, CHP and the SON’s Center for Nursing Inquiry (CNI) and is illustrated in Figure 1:

Center for Nursing Inquiry Diagram











Figure 1. Concordance of Texas State University, College of Health Professions, St. David’s School of Nursing, Center for Nursing Inquiry, and Aims of Advancing the Science of Nursing Education Vision


The Center for Nursing Inquiry is located on the SON’s third floor, suite 359 and is adjacent to faculty offices. The 2,500 square foot space contains a telehealth and focus group room (359A), videoconference, telehealth and treadmill equipment, two private research offices (359C & 359E), two private participant interview rooms (359A & 359C), a double-locked, secure research file room (359G), a large multi-purpose meeting room, and two reception areas for conducting group/individual research interviews and focus group activities. The CNI is available to all faculty for scheduling scholarship/partnership team meetings, conducting individual or group focus groups, utilizing videoconferencing or telehealth for IPE, or for any other activities of designing, developing, or implementing research.