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Ms. Janene Jeffery, Clinical Associate Professor

Janene Jeffery, MSN, RN, CCTP, SLF

Ms. Jeffery is a native Texan, and received her BSN from Texas Christian University and an MSN from UT-Austin. She has been an RN for 50 years and taught in baccalaureate, vocational, and associate degree nursing programs at several sites over the last 40+ years, including the University of Nebraska at Omaha (Go Big Red) and Hawaii Community College in Hilo. Additionally, Ms. Jeffery served as Director of Education for the Texas Board of Vocational Nurse Examiners before the two nursing boards merged. Her area of specialization is End of Life (Death and Dying) and, more currently, Psychiatric Nursing. The CCTP at the end of her name stands for Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and the SLF stands for Service Leaning Fellow.

  • End of life (death and dying)
  • Psychiatric nursing


Presented a podium breakout session for the Coastal Bend Hurricane Conference, May 3, 2017 on “How do I tell them he died?” for emergency responders during natural disasters. The conference was in Robstown, TX May 2-4, 2017. The presentation offered emergency responders guidelines and strategies for compassionate and effective delivery of bad news and death notices to families when responding to events in the field, away from Emergency Dept. settings. The techniques for this traumatic conversation can impact the memories of survivors for the rest of their lives, and the skills acquisition by emergency responders has been recognized as significant for job satisfaction and retention within the health care system.

Presented “How Do I Tell Them He Died?” at the 2015 Texas Disaster Behavioral Health Symposium in Houston, TX, 4/17/15-4/19/15.