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MSN Clinical Requirements

Welcome, Graduate MSN Students!

Welcome, students! An important part of a nursing student's educational journey is performing successfully in required clinical hours. The time dedicated on a clinical site prepares students for their future roles in the healthcare field. This page will guide new and continuing students through the clinical placement process.


Texas State University is here to guide students through the clinical process. There are hundreds of approved affiliates contracted with Texas State University to help with securing placement. Students are responsible for making the connection, setting up their placement details, and turning in the correct paperwork to the clinical coordinator and faculty on time. While working to secure a placement keep a couple things in mind:

  • Build strong relationships in the healthcare field.
  • Ask trusted contacts if they would precept.
  • Learn about each preceptor and facility before placement begins.

Requirements for All MSN Students

Students are required to complete all requirements before they begin their program. Immunizations, certificates, and licenses need to be renewed periodically. It is the student's responsibility to make sure all of these are up to date before and during each semester. Clinical facilities require these as well, and students cannot participate if they are not up to date on all requirements.

Required Clinical Paperwork

For all programs, clinical paperwork is mandatory. Required processes and forms are listed at the bottom of this page and separated into programs. Forms must be submitted to to be processed. Directions are listed in the MSN Clinical Placement Forms Process document listed below.

Clinical Approval and Paperwork Policy for Graduate Students

DO NOT start until you have final approval from Clinical Faculty.

LAN students must submit their paperwork to their clinical faculty and coordinator. The forms will then be reviewed and processed accordingly.


The Clinical Site Request for Affiliation form is only required if the facility is not an approved affiliate with Texas State University. To see if a facility is an approved affiliate, students must do one of the following:

If  your site is an approved affiliate, then a Clinical Site Request for Affiliation Form is not needed. If you need your site to become affiliated, then please complete the form below and submit accordingly. This process can take anywhere from one week to one year, so getting it submitted quickly is the best course of action.


The Preceptor Approval Form is required for all MSN programs. This must be completed for each Preceptor you work with. If students are working with two preceptors (more than one) at the same facility, there must be two individual forms for each (each preceptor must have a signed, completed form and approval). Also, if a student works with a preceptor for more than one semester, each semester requires a new submitted preceptor form with the updated term, course, and preceptor’s signature. Preceptors cannot be combined on the same form. If the student receives permission to follow a PA (in the NP programs), the supervising MD must also complete the License area and sign the preceptor’s form as well.  Once the student COMPLETELY fills out the top portion, the Preceptor will complete the rest and sign. Then, the completed form must be submitted accordingly along with the preceptor’s resume to the Clinical Education Placement Coordinator’s email. 




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