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TEAS: Pre-Nursing Assessment

ATI is now offering proctored, remote TEAS testing.  Please contact ATI at their website for more information. 

St. David's School of Nursing is accepting TEAS tests taken remotely through ATI.  The TEAS test scores must be sent to TXState U.

For fall 2021 admission you may take the ATI TEAS a total of two times between January 16, 2020 and January 15, 2021. 

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    • Nursing school readiness for reading, math, science and English language usage is assessed.
    • The test structure is 170 questions with 20 pretest items.  Applicants have 209 minutes to complete the test.
    • Applicants may use a four function calculator for the math portion.  The calculator is embedded within the exam.  You may not bring your own calculator. 
    • If you take the TEAS at a location other than a Texas State University testing center, you will need to have an official TEAS transcript sent by ATI (through their online store) to TXState U. 
    • See How to Purchase a TEAS Transcript.
    • Minimum scores are required for each subject:
      Reading                 80%
      Math                      71%
      Science                 68%
      English                  70%
    • Please see Admission Profile for the TEAS scores of students who were accepted to the St. David's School of Nursing.

    Combining scores from attempt one and two will not be considered. Applicants must earn the *minimum subject scores or higher on either their first attempt or if necessary, their second attempt.

    *During the application review process, each section of the TEAS is weighted based on your score, therefore higher scores are to your benefit. 

    • ATI TEAS Content
      • Reading - 53 questions: 64 minutes time limit
        • Key ideas and details
        • Craft and structure
        • Integration of knowledge and ideas
      • Math - 36 questions: 54 minutes time limit
        • Numbers and algebra
        • Measurements and data
      • Science - 53 questions: 63 minutes time limit
        • Human anatomy and physiology
        • Life and physical sciences
        • Scientific reasoning
      • English and Language Usage - 28 questions: 28 minutes time limit
        • Conventions of standard English
        • Knowledge of language
        • Vocabulary acquisition

    ATI offers the following resources to prepare for the ATI TEAS:

    • ATI -
      • TEAS Smart Prep
      • TEAS Basic Package
      • TEAS Online Practice Test
      • TEAS Study Manual
    • Also
    • If an applicant takes the ATI TEAS two times within the allotted time period, the second attempt must be on a different form. To ensure this is the case, please follow one of these options:

      • If you test at a school testing center, take both attempts at that location. When you make an appointment for your second attempt, confirm it will be on a different ATI TEAS form.
      • If you test at PSI, you may only test there once.  Your second attempt must be at a school site center.
    •  You must allow at least 14 days (2 weeks) between your first attempt and your second attempt. 
    • When you take the ATI TEAS you must have an official transcript sent by ATI (through their online store) to TX State U.
    • For additional tips to earn high scores on the TEAS, please see TEAS Presentation.
  • Students registered with the Office of Disability Services (or the equivalent office at another college) with approved testing accommodations should follow the procedures listed below.

    For students who wish to request accommodations at the Testing, Evaluation, and Measurement Center at the Texas State University San Marcos campus, click here for accommodations procedures.

    For students who wish to test at the Testing Center at the Avery Building at Texas State University Round Rock campus

    Please plan ahead to ensure your accommodations are ready prior to your test date.

    1. Ask your disability services officer to email your accommodations letter to the Testing Center at Texas State University Round Campus at
    2. Establish an account with ATI at
    3. Request an ATI TEAS testing appointment by emailing Carla Everett at Please include notification that your account has been set up with ATI.
    4. When the approved testing accommodations letter has been received and your ATI user account is active, the appropriate accommodations may be arranged for your exam.
    5. Your test date will be finalized when all steps have been completed.

    For students who wish to test at a testing center other than the two testing centers at Texas State University – please contact the center for their accommodation procedures.

  • To register for the ATI TEAS with PSI - the national ATI TEAS testing center with many testing centers throughout the United States:

    • Texas State University Testing Centers:
      • Testing, Evaluation, and Measurement Center at Texas State University - San Marcos, (512) 245-2276.
      • Testing Center (Avery Building) at Texas State University - Round Rock Campus (RRC) - (Click here for information)