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Prerequisite Courses

St. David’s School of Nursing – Texas State University

BSN Prerequisite Courses

St. David’s School of Nursing (SON) accepts students for the fall semester upon completion of the prerequisite courses. Students complete their prerequisite courses at Texas State University in San Marcos or at another institution.

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  • These prerequisite courses are required of all applicants. If you have a  bachelor's degree posted on your transcripts at the time of application to the nursing program, please scroll down to see note at bottom of page.

    General Education Core Curriculum

    See for details.

    Core Component = 42 hours Texas Core Component #
    English 1310 010
    English 1320 010
    *Math 1315 020
    *Biology 1330 030
    *Chemistry 1341 030
    Philosophy 1305 or 1320 040
    Art, Dance, Music or Theatre Arts 2313 050
    *History 1310 060
    *History 1320 060
    *Political Science 2310 070
    *Political Science 2320 070
    *Psychology 1300   080
    English 2310, 2320, 2330, 2340, 2359 or 2360 090
    Communications 1310 090
    US 1100 - University Seminar* (1 hour) 090
    Foreign Language Requirement – two years of the same foreign language in high school or two college semesters of a single foreign language.  


    Additional BSN Prerequisites

    *BIO 2451

    Human Anatomy & Physiology I

    4 credit hours

    *BIO 2452

    Human Anatomy & Physiology II

    4 credit hours

    *BIO 2440

    Principles of Microbiology

    4 credit hours

    *NUTR 2360       

    Nutrition Science

    3 credit hours

    *FCD 1351 or PSY 3300 

    Lifespan Development

    3 credit hours


    • *US 1100 is waived for students who transfer 16 or more credits (completed after high school graduation) upon initial admission into Texas State. If waived, student must have 1 hour elective to total 120 hours to graduate.
    • Must have at least a C grade assigned in nutrition and all science courses.
    • There can be a maximum of 18 remaining prerequisite credit hours to complete in the spring and summer semesters before final admission to the St. David's School of Nursing. At the time of application to the nursing program, A&P I plus two or more science courses (there are five required science courses) must be completed.
    • Applicant may have a maximum of eight attempts (including Ws) on the five science courses, with no more than two attempts on any one science course. The five science courses are: BIO 1330, CHEM 1341, BIO 2451, BIO 2452 and BIO 2440 or 2400.
    • Applicants may test out or take credit for either BIO 1330 or CHEM 1341 but not both.  The  remaining required science prerequisites must have an assigned grade. 
    • Math 1315, College Algebra is preferred.  Math 1319, 2417 (Pre-Calculus) and Math 1329, 2471 (Calculus) are also accepted for math requirement.
    • *Bold courses are the only required prerequisite courses for applicants with a previous bachelor's degree.

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    Transfer students completing their prerequisite courses at a school besides Texas State University in San Marcos, see the following link. Applicants must have completed A&P I plus two or more of the five science courses at the time of application (at end of the fall semester).

    If you have a previous bachelor's degree posted on your transcript at the time of application to the School of Nursing, please use the Current Texas State Prerequisite Course List.