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  • I see that my courses are listed at the Round Rock Campus. Is this correct? Yes, this is correct. The St. David’s School of Nursing is located on the Round Rock Campus (also abbreviated as RRC). That does not change the nature of your curriculum. You will still have your courses online with a few face-to-face meeting components located at the RRC.
  • Do I need to have nursing administration/management experience before coming into this specialty? No. While it may be helpful, it is not a requirement to have been a manager or administrator.
  • Can I sit for certification upon completion of this specialty? Graduates of this program are skilled in leadership, structures and processes, professional practice, and knowledge management. These knowledge, skills and competencies qualify the graduate to take one or more of the following certification examinations:
    • American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) Certification Exam - Executive Nursing Practice (CENP) or Certified Nurse Manager and Leader (CNML)
    • American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Certification Exam - Nurse Executive (NE-BC) or Nurse Executive, Advanced (NEA-BC)
  • Is the MSN-LAN degree all online? Course work takes place online, with a few face-to-face campus meetings at the St. David’s School of Nursing in Round Rock, Texas. During these intensives, students hone their skills with faculty and get to know their fellow MSN-LAN students. Of the required 36 credit hours, 12 are in practicum courses during which students learn one-on-one from a mentor in their area.
  • Do practicums have to be completed in Texas? Working with out-of-state mentors and completing practicums will be dependent on state licensure agreements.
  • Is a GRE score required for this degree? No, a GRE score is not required for this degree.
  • How long does it take to complete the MSN-LAN degree? This advanced hybrid post-professional master’s degree program is offered in 8 week semester sequences to allow the greatest flexibility for both full-time and part-time student enrollments. Full-time students can complete the program’s coursework in 4 semesters. While part-time students may progress through in 8 semesters.
  • What are the benefits of having a Master’s degree in Leadership and Administration in Nursing? The MSN-LAN is highly desirable by all healthcare organizations! Especially those that have or are seeking Magnet and Pathways to Excellence designation. The contemporary MSN-LAN curriculum prepares graduates for employment in mid-level and senior-level management positions in areas such as chief nursing officer, vice president of patient services, director of quality patient outcomes, unit and case managers, and innovative project managers. Nurse leaders are needed in diverse settings, including multi-healthcare systems, national healthcare systems, hospitals, nurse-managed clinics, ambulatory care centers, nursing home, and community clinics. As a MSN-LAN graduate, you will be prepared to lead complex and multifaceted processes by providing support, motivation, coordination and resources to enable individuals and teams to achieve the mission, vision and goals of healthcare organizations.
  • Where do I find funding and scholarships for the MSN-LAN program? Please review this link:
  • Do I have to have exactly 1-year RN experience to apply for the MSN-LAN program? You need 1-year experience by the time you start your first semester.
  • Do we need parking permits for just the few days each semester that we’ll be on campus? That’s up to you. The commuter pass is $115 for the year, and on the RRC, most parking is Commuter. If you do not purchase a pass, you will be required to pay for parking each day that you are on campus. Parking Services is very strict about having the appropriate pass and displaying the pass for easy viewing. They WILL ticket you. For more information about parking options, please visit:
  • Does the St. David’s School of Nursing help with finding a facility/mentor? St. David’s School of Nursing has many supportive partners throughout the state of Texas. Leadership and Administrative advisors are happy to assist in making arrangements.
  • Do you have any recommendations on a hotel? Unfortunately, no. As everyone’s budget is different. The closer to the school, the better to avoid traffic. The closest main intersection with hotels is IH35 and FM 1431.