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Nursing Program Student Educational Outcomes

Graduates of the MSN-LAN program will gain knowledge, skills and competencies around the following program educational outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication across a diverse constituency including board members, executives, academia, physicians and providers, employees, community members, patients and families.
  2. Gain extensive knowledge of the health care environment regarding patient safety, quality and performance improvement, delivery models, economics and policy and governance.
  3. Internalize personal and professional leadership skills that demonstrate reflective practice, change management, succession planning, systems thinking, and emotional intelligence.
  4. Synthesize personal accountability and professional ethics into an advocacy role as a nurse leader.
  5. Correlate business skills in financial management, human resources, strategic planning and information management and technology.


Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
HA 5355 Human Resource Management in Healthcare Facilities 3
HIM 5342 Information Systems and Technology 3
HS 5315 Principles of Healthcare Finance for Clinical Leaders 3
NURS 5360 Leadership Science: Foundational Thinking Skills, Governance, & Community & Provider Relationships 3
NURS 5361 Leadership Science: Performance and Quality Improvement 3
NURS 5362 Leadership Science: Patient Safety, Risk Management, Legal and Regulatory Requirements 3
NURS 5363 Leadership Science: Evidence-Based Practice for Nurse Leaders 3
NURS 5364 Leadership Science: Health Care Finance and Workforce Planning 3
NURS 5365 Leadership Art: Ethics, Diversity, and Relationship Building 3
NURS 5366 Leadership Art: Health Policy and Advocacy 3
NURS 5367 Leader Within: Professional Accountability, Succession Planning and Reflective Practice I 3
NURS 5368 Leader Within: Professional Accountability, Succession Planning and Reflective Practice II 3
Total Hours   36