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Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (MSN-PMHNP)

Accepting Applications Now

The St. David's School of Nursing at Texas State University is accepting applications for the Master of Science in Nursing with a major in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (MSN-PMHNP). Admissions are accepted throughout the year. BSN prepared RNs can apply through the Graduate College.

For MSN-PMHNP Fall Admission:

Completed Application Priority* Deadline is February 1.

The Completed Standard Application Fall Deadline is June 15.


*Applications must be complete by the priority deadline*to be considered for certain types of funding.


For MSN-PMHNP Spring Admission:

Completed Application Deadline is September 15.

The MSN-PMHNP program is designed for experienced registered nurses (RN) who want to expand their career opportunities and professional contributions. All courses are specifically designed to develop the competencies required to provide primary mental health care to individuals, families, and populations across the lifespan.

The rapidly changing field of mental health care requires providers who are prepared to function independently and autonomously as well as work within a team to provide effective care to a growing population.

MSN-PMHNPs are educated in five different scientific domains: medicine, neuroscience, psychiatry, relationship science and psychotherapy resulting in a source of providers that is pioneering and flexible in our current health care system.

The psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner is an advanced practice registered nurse who focuses clinical practice on individuals, families, or populations at risk for developing and/or having a diagnosis of psychiatric disorders or mental health problems. The psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner is a specialist who provides primary mental health care to patients seeking mental health services in a wide range of settings. Primary mental health care provided by the psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner includes the assessment, diagnosis, and management of mental health problems and psychiatric disorders.

For additional information about the program or admissions, contact:

Dr. Cathy Messinger

MSN-PMHNP Program Coordinator


Dr. Kathy Smith

NP Program Director